The Walk: Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 22

Inspired by Jane Cornwell’s image below. The morning glowed, spring-scented,the air seemed full of promise, contentedthey talked of ordinary things, the commonplace–conversation as comfortable as their pace–the children, the news, that new restaurant—Thai–that they never got to try– Yet does he walk beside her—there where the branches stir?The pace still comfortable, the air still aglow?There’sContinue reading “The Walk: Ekphrastic Challenge, Day 22”

[447] The Potential In You

I mask a mask of ⁣survival that has ⁣overstayed its welcome like⁣drizzle after a storm⁣⁣The mask is a shapeshifter⁣an excuse spitter, so naturally⁣it dreads questions that reveal⁣its truest nature, so I dare ask⁣⁣What do you fear to admit?⁣How deep is your survivors’ guilt?⁣What disappointments do you hide?⁣What memory do you block through denial?⁣Does grief stopContinue reading “[447] The Potential In You”

It’s Okay To Be An Attention Seeker

Self destructive behaviors are hard to avoid. You could be self centered, a bad listener, a serial dater, a player, a flirt – just someone who is constantly making things worse for themselves and for others. Social media makes it very easy for us to become jealous of others. We are constantly exposed to everyoneContinue reading “It’s Okay To Be An Attention Seeker”

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