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Calabar Carnival (1): Experiencing the Largest Street Carnival in West-Africa.

The Calabar Carnival is the biggest, best and longest tourism event in West Africa. It attracts over two million revellers and features participants from over 25 different countries. And although people say its best days are behind it, i strongly believe it has the potential to become a rallying point for people all around theContinue reading “Calabar Carnival (1): Experiencing the Largest Street Carnival in West-Africa.”

Wine tourism: Reboot Required

One topic that never seems to get old in wine writing is the existence of influencers in the wine industry. A recent article suggested that they are a bunch of self-centered and entitled individuals who offer no value to the wine industry. I read the article, because these articles always grab people’s attention, and thenContinue reading “Wine tourism: Reboot Required”

why Rwanda should top your bucket list

First thought when you hear Rwanda? Gorillas and genocide? I’m not sure what I was thinking when I stepped off the plane…desert? dirty? dangerous? Actually, it is lush, clean and safe with some of the best hotels I’ve ever experienced. What I’ve discovered is completely different than all my expectations. Not least because of theContinue reading “why Rwanda should top your bucket list”

Map Monday: where the animals used to roam

We get used to being told that many of our most iconic animals are endangered, due to climate change, destruction of natural habitat, poaching and overhunting.  But we rarely stop to think about what things were like when these magnificent animals roamed our planet in abundance.  These maps show the historical range of these animalsContinue reading “Map Monday: where the animals used to roam”

Boogapony – Hip Trip on Route 66

Originally posted on Graffiti Lux Art & More: It’s official! Boogapony Holly is on tour! After ponying on down to a slew of Chicago’s street art, she took off in a Paco Rabanne chain link mini dress w/ Go-Go boots. She bought this art car, to make the trip to Monterey, California. Although 54 years…Continue reading “Boogapony – Hip Trip on Route 66”

The Inaudible Audible

Imagine an early nineteenth-century glass house filled with camellias. Camellias placed there in the mid-1800s in the belief that the glass house replicated the best conditions for these Asiatic plants. Inside the plants flounder, sicken. Black aphids fester upon the leaves, buds of flowers die and drop off before they can flourish and bloom toContinue reading “The Inaudible Audible”

Snail mail, or: Love

My 1st Envelope Quintet (a d’Verse Quadrille) “What a bother,” she thought, as she licked the stamp, “We needn’t bother with snail mail nowadays, but Gramps can’t be bothered to use a PC, so I’ll humor his sweet, old, bothersome ways.” She knew he’d relish her letter, under his favorite lamp. The prompt: Come “bother”Continue reading “Snail mail, or: Love”